Dr Barbara George-Jaeggli

Barbara’s main research focus has been on improving cereal yields for sustainable food production.


Research Fellow


Barbara has a Master of Science degree in Biology from ETH Zuerich in Switzerland, and has been working for the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) in Queensland since 1996.

She has worked on various projects from yield benefits from windbreaks in wheat cropping systems to applying tissue culture to speed up barley breeding, but since completing a PhD in Crop Physiology has mainly worked on studying traits such as plant height, stay-green and photosynthetic capacity in sorghum for their utilisation in yield improvements.

Currently, she is working for the University of Queensland as part of the ARC-funded Centre of Excellence in Translational Photosynthesis, and working for DAF on GRDC-funded agronomy projects.

The main objective of her previous and current work is to increase crop yields in variable environments, be it through pushing the yield ceiling genetically or identifying optimal agronomic practices to ensure yield potentials are achieved in growers’ paddocks.

She uses molecular techniques, plant and crop physiological experimentation, proximal and remote sensing and crop modelling to study individual traits at the leaf, plant and crop level.


Selected Publications