Sorghum Seasonal Crop Outlook – March 2016

CoETP represented at the third Australian Summer Grains Conference
May 12, 2016
The genetic gain game
May 31, 2016

Final  predicted  crop  outcomes  converged  to  slightly  above  the  long-term average sorghum yield across most parts of north eastern Australia’s (NEAUS) summer cropping region for 2015/16. With the summer crop season nearing a close, current climate, soil moisture conditions and seasonal rainfall outlook indicate an average sorghum yielding crop of 2.52 t/ha (59th percentile), 2.22 t/ha and 3.51 t/ha at National, QLD and NNSW levels, respectively. There remains, however, some variation in the outlook among local regions. Specifically, Central Queensland (CQ) shows below average crop yield expectations (18th percentile), while southern QLD (SQ) and northern NSW (NNSW) are showing yield outcomes slightly above (62nd) and well above (83rd percentiles) the long-term median yield expectation, respectively.

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