Global Crop Diversity Trust (CropTrust)

Global Crop Diversity Trust is an independent international organization which exists to ensure the conservation and availability of crop diversity for food security worldwide.

The Crop Trust is funding the world’s most important genebanks, but our work does not end there. They maintain the ultimate failsafe for these and other collections in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, backing up seeds from almost every country beneath the arctic permafrost against an uncertain future.

The Crop Trust currently has oversight and financial responsibility for eleven global genebanks through the CGIAR Research Program (CRP) for Managing and Sustaining Crop Collections. Held in trust for the world, these are among the most comprehensive and widely used collections of crop diversity. 

From 2007-2012, the Crop Trust implemented activities to overcome a number of serious constraints to the development of a rational and efficient global system for the conservation of crop diversity in genebanks.


Country: Germany


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